Paragraph on Advantages and Disadvantages of Machines essay

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Paragraph on Advantages and Disadvantages of Machines

What is a machine? A machine is a device, tool, apparatus, equipment or several parts that have been assembled together to do or carry out a particular function or activity. Its main purpose is the make work easier.


Large scale production. With the help of machines, factories are able to produce more to meet the demand in the market.

Low cost of production. Machine only require maintenance. They reduce the amount of money used the pay workers and that money is used to service the machine.

They are reliable. Machines can be used for both domestic and industrial uses to make work easier. They give timely output with efficiency.

Decreased selling prices. Due to the fact that there is an increase in the amount of production, the price of goods and services reduces. Machines have also led to the growth of towns leading to urbanization.


Loss of jobs. Machines tend to replace the unskilled workers in the employment sector. Most of them are left idle and hey end up jobless.

Climate change. Machines, especially those used in factories emit a lot of greenhouse gases which lead to global warming due to the effect on the ozone layer. Nature is left to do the job of sustaining itself.

Overdependence on machines. Machines in today’s world do most of the work. They are left to meet the supply and demand by the humans.

Health issues. Machines can lead to serious health problems such as respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and for the noise it may leads to hearing related problems.


Machines are a gift of science to help work run smoothly and meet the everyday demands of supply and production. They relieve man from the heavy jobs and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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